About ATC

Aviation Technology Campus is an aviation & aerospace related academic & professional training organization in Sri Lanka. We have built strategic partnerships with airline, airports and aviation companies around the globe as a consultant & trainer providing training for more than 25 airports around the world.

We understand Aviation training needs to be effective and efficient, enabling the rapid transfer of the required know-how and aptitudes from subject matter experts to aviation professionals. Therefore, we have carefully chosen the instructors with international qualifications and over decade of experience in Airline, Airport & Aviation Industry.

All of the programs have established reputations, based largely on recruiting the best talent from the industry to teach as well as utilizing the most relevant, up-to-date technology in our classrooms and labs. By adding to this a team-work mentality where students feel inspired and enabled to succeed, we are able to transform students into career professionals every semester. We pride ourselves on measuring our success based on the success of our students. 

The campus has excellent infrastructure matching contemporary international standards, such as tidily furnished air-conditioned and soundproof class rooms, Audio Visual Training Aids, Workshops for demonstrating the functions of Aero Engines, equipments, avionics instruments, etc. of an aircraft, besides acquainting them with latest maintenance practices. The institute has a well established Tool Room equipped with varieties of advanced tools required for maintenance of aircraft.

In order to update the knowledge of the trainees, the Institute has invested in a modern library having wide varieties of books on latest developments in aviation technology. Knowing well that no theoretical knowledge is complete without gaining practical experience, we have made crucial ties with Private Airlines and training establishments for imparting post-institutional practical experience during the final lap of their Course. During the post-institutional practical Training, students will be given exposure to work under qualified engineers on live aircraft of Domestic & International Airlines.

Ultimately, our vision is to equip our students with well-rounded knowledge and produce well-trained and qualified professionals to enter to the airlines in the world by giving them training to the required standards (ICAO/IATA/IOSA/ISAGO) and accreditations. Thus enable our students to be readymade employees who can take on challenging duties of the aviation career.

To produce & innovate well-trained and Quality dynamic professionals to the airlines industry that sustainably links and enriches our airline world.
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To accomplished high standard training environment for the students & airliners by integrating state of the art training facilities & the best instructors in the industry.
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Enable human potential within a culture of care that provides students with academic and career advice, learning support, employment and internship opportunities and access to continuous learning and professional development options.
ATC is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in the quality of education and training provided to our students. Further, we espouse our students to step into the road of excellence as an aviator.
Enrich and empower our students and staff by cultivating an appreciation of socio-cultural & gender diversity; also proactively encouraging the students of diverse ethnicities & genders to enroll for our academic programs.
ATC is committed to maintaining the integrity in academic and administrative activities by emphasizing fairness, transparency, and equal opportunities.
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