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Aviation Security

Aviation Security & Human Factors Training

Aviation Security is vital course for flight crew in an ever- increasing rain of threats to security in today’s World. The courses cover basic security such as Captains authority, crew responsibility, media contact, and screening and include carriage of mail by the crew, their luggage and belongings and uniforms.

The course also covers bomb threats and warnings and how to personally deal with the warning, together with where the bomb may have been placed, searching for the device and dealing with it once found. It also covers all procedures connected to not only bomb threats but also hijackings, giving general guidelines for handling such.

Safety Management System – SMS Course
  • January 17, 2017


This course provides the fundamentals of how to systematically manage safety in civil aviation using the Safety Management System concept developed by ICAO.


  • Basic safety concepts
  • Introduction to systematized safety management
  • Accident causation and prevention
  • The business and regulatory cases for SMS
  • Components of a Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Hazard analyses and risk assessments
  • Safety management of change
  • Steps in implementing, operating, and evaluating a Safety Management System
  • How to manage a phased approach to SMS introduction
  • Tracking the results
  • Measuring safety performance
  • Evaluating a Safety Management System
  • Regulating a Safety Management System
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