Flight Dispatcher Flight Operations Officer Training


Member of IFALDA / EASA

EASA/ICAO Flight Dispatcher Training

Flight Dispatchers or Flight Operations Officers are the best-kept secrets of an airline. Their role is like a brain – preparing, sorting through all kinds of information: weather, wind, flight plan, aircraft technical condition, fuel, staff requirements and more. Just like pilots do. That is the reason why Flight Dispatcher training covers many topics similar to the initial pilot training.

Course Content

The course syllabus is composed according to the highest requirements for Flight Dispatcher training therefore it is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. To ensure that theoretical training is well absorbed, practical part is conducted in the actual work environment.

  • Air law and regulations
  • Aircraft general knowledge, power plants, principles of flight
  • Performance and calculation
  • Flight planning
  • Flight monitoring
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight operations management and procedures
  • Radio communications
  • Crew resource management
  • Dangerous goods
  • Flight safety
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