Ground Operations Management Training

Ground Operations

Ground Operations Management Training

Our ground operations training aims to create efficiency on the ground through management and operational training courses. Taught by industry experts, our courses focus on best practices within the complex operational environment in modern airports, preparing the students to increase on-time performance in the ground station

Basic Airside Safety Course
  • January 17, 2017

Course Objective:

This interactive, flexible, and effective way of learning will teach you how to implement best practices in airside safety. There are many simultaneous activities that are carried out on the airside and each requires a level of awareness of safety and security. Learn about the airport environment, airside safety and security, traffic rules, aircraft danger zones, fire prevention and in the event of an incident, know the procedures to follow in fire action and how to administer first aid.

  • Understanding the rules and regulations on Air side which is issued by international organizations and local authorities.
  • To promote healthy and safe environment.
  • To minimize the risk to maximum on the Air side.

Course Content:

Train new staff involved in ground operations and refreshes the skills of your current staff by providing common knowledge base to all staff to cooperate safely and respond to incidents and accidents reducing the risk of accidents and ramp damages

Who Should Attend:

  • New Comers
  • All personnel who have airside access
  • And involved in ramp operations


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