Neomal Jinadasa

I began my Aviation career in 1980 with the National Career ‘Air Lanka’ as a flight attendant. Initially I was one of the lucky few who were trained by Singapore Airlines.

I was so excited and flew to most of the destinations where we had crew layovers. I explored these destinations and thoroughly enjoyed my stay until the last day when we had to take the needed rest before our return flight.

In 1996 after 16yrs with Air Lanka, I was inducted to a new airline named ‘Qatar Airways’. I did enjoy my work, learning new things and also working with around 50 other nationalities, which was a new experience for me. During my tenure here I endeavored to certify myself as an IATA accredited Instructor, consequently I enhanced my knowledge and delivery skills as an Instructor.

I was with them for around 9yrs and after which I was working in Sri Lanka but not in Aviation, however Aviation was in my blood and so before long I was in another airline named ‘Oman Air’ I was hired as a Senior Instructor.

I thoroughly enjoyed again preparing lessons and conducting courses, of course there was no flying here as all the male Cabin Crew have to be locals. I was with them for 9yrs and 4months.

Now here I am happy to be conducting my Aviation courses once again with the International Aviation Training Centre and I am eagerly awaiting to share all my knowledge and experiences gained in 34yrs expertise in the Cabin Crew field. The ultimate aim of mine is to conduct the courses to the people of my motherland.

Thank you,

Neomal Jinadasa

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