Ranjith Attanayakage

Aviation is a field that undergoes innovations continuously in the world today

As we all know aviation is a field that undergoes innovations continuously in the world today. The fact that flying is still the fastest and safest mode of public transport demands strict adherence to the regulations and the standard procedures to guarantee the safety of travelling public.

At the same time, the number of air travellers is on the rise although it is still more expensive than the other modes of transport. This has created a severe competition among the airline operators. The commercial airlines, therefore, have to face this challenge by maintaining the standards in the safety and the customer service areas to satisfy their clientele and the regulators as well.

To comply with the above requirements, the airlines must ensure that their employees are well trained in all aspects of aircraft operations. It is no secret that a well-trained employee is an asset to any airline who will contribute to the success of his/her employer.

Training, however is a costly affair to the operators to bring the new-comers to the required standards and so a well-trained and qualified person in the job market prior to the employment is a welcome factor when recruiting new airline staff.

We in ATC, will take up this challenge and look forward to creating such well-trained and qualified youth to the airlines in the world by giving them training to the required standards. They will receive extensive training in all aspects of aircraft handling and passenger handling to ensure that they will fit into any section of the airline.

We will also ensure that the training we offer will make them ready-made employees to not only the airlines in Sri Lanka but also to those in the other parts of the world especially areas such as Middle East where the demand is so high and so many large airlines operate.

From the number of Sri Lankan’s working in the airlines and the handling agents in different parts of the world,

our experience shows that Sri Lankan’s have a good reputation as hard workers in the airline business especially in the Middle East.

After all, we will be proud to help our youngsters by training them in airline/aircraft handling and helping them shoulder their responsibilities in building our nation.


Ranjith Attanayakage
Course Director & Chief Instructor
Aviation Technology Campus

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