I.C.M. Arthum

I am pleased that you have chosen to explore the opportunities that we offer here at ‘Aviation Technology Campus’ International. I am also confident that you would find your Diploma’s, professional aviation related training is here to be a challenging and a rewarding experience. In the emerging highly demanding aviation world, there is an obvious need to produce dynamic minds that can adapt to the changing scenario and complex situations and are innovative enough to face the diverse challenges effectively. The movement towards a global economy and unprecedented economic and technological changes has given rise to great opportunities for development of newer methodologies in the booming sectors of Cargo Logistics, Engineering, Flight/Ground/Airport operations fields. The exterior of aircraft may look the same, but new technologies have fundamentally changed aviation over the past 30 years. Virtual training environments, gamification, and systems approaches are now part of modern aeronautical education.

I believe that aviation by 2020, new demand will see that business double in size from today. We can only achieve that growth with a well-skilled global talent pool. That’s the objective of our training activities. ATC Campus is your training partner as you meet the challenges of today and prepare for a very bright future.

Join with us ‘Aviation Technology Campus’ International, looks at emerging trends and technologies that will impact aviation and aerospace for the next generation.


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